Samstag, 1. März 2014

What Can You Do To Sell Your Own House Quicker?

Does it seem like there are thousands of articles on the web telling you how to sell your home? Are you wondering what else you could possibly learn about the subject? It's been my observation, after buying and reselling hundreds of homes over more than three decades, that each person's experience selling a home influences what he or she believes about home sales in general. That's only natural, and it's what we all do whenever we have a little bit of personal experience. In my case, I have a lot of personal experience, and when I talk about how to sell your house it is coming from all those years selling all those homes.

So, you are probably wondering what I have to say about how to sell a house that differs from all the other voices on the web. My main point in this article is to make sure every seller understands that he or she is completely, 100% responsible for selling the home. Delegating some responsibility to a relative, an agent, an attorney, a banker or other professional, assuming the seller has full mental capacity and legal right to sell the property, does not transfer the entire weight of the project off the seller's shoulders.

This is a very important point that you need to understand when searching for ideas about how to sell your home. There are plenty of people who are willing to help you sell your home for a price, but they will never have your personal motivation and drive to make the sale.

Even a very professional real estate agent or an attorney serving as a representative of the property owner will not be able to "own" the pressure of needing or wanting to sell a home. Having the professional skills and the legal documentation to sell a home is not the same as having to sell a home for personal reasons.

How does this reality affect you as a seller? It means that no matter who you hire to help you sell a home you have to get involved, follow up and refuse to blame others when the home has not sold. Perhaps you have not found the right people to help you, or perhaps you have not invested enough personal time in the project yourself. The important thing is to feel the weight of the responsibility yourself and to care. That is my best, basic advice on the subject of how to sell a home.

Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

The New Hampshire Real Estate Review: 2010 Results

New Hampshire is among the 6 New England states and shares a border with Maine, Massachusetts, & Vermont. It has a population of around 1,316,000 people as in the 2010 census with an median income of $60,000 annually. The vast majority of your population and thus the bulk of the homes are located in the southern section of the state dispersed amongst the cities and their suburbs. The largest cities in the state are Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Portsmouth, & Salem.

New Hampshire real estate has followed a fairly parallel route of decline, though not quite as dramatic as the national real-estate market throughout the last five years. For the year in 2010 there were 16,140 real-estate selling documented between residential, condo, & manufactured housing types. The average selling price was $185,000 across all property classes. The total of homes sold was reduced around 1.5% from 2009 and the median sales price was unmoved.

Additional NH real estate analytics worthwhile of bringing up are generally the average days on market(DOM) while the sales price per square foot(PSF). The average days on market was right around 150 on the year. This is a crucial number to home sellers considering that it presents them an indication of around the span of time it takes them to sell their house. So it requires on average 5 months to sell your house. Typically there are a number of circumstances where it can take less time and situations where homes take longer. On top of that realize that scores of homes don't sell at all and those homes aren't counted within the DOM figures.

Average selling price per square foot is seen as a means utilized to roughly estimation the value of one home compared to another. It is relatively easy to arrive at the number given the calculation is actually performed consistently. There is quite a bit debate about whether or not to use total square feet within the building(included any unfinished or below grade space) or to count just the finished space and above grade space. There isn't any unconditional proper strategy to arrive at this figure, in spite of this most frequently used approach requires you to divide the sales price by the total of finished above grade square feet in a property. Use this number primarily for a general estimation due to the fact numbers may be blatantly skewed by smaller homes that incorporate excellent quality finish work or features which increase the sales price and so PSF.

The NH real-estate market continues to see some depreciation which is very likely to continue for another 12-18 months. At that point most analysts foresee to see a drawn out flattening of prices before any hope of an increase in home values.